Sunrise Engagement Shoot Playa del Carmen

It was early, so, so early. I guess I should preface this by saying, we are not morning people (I'd love to be, but I'm just more productive late at night) and this was shot on Colin's birthday too. It was two reasons to say no, stay in bed and celebrate his birthday work-free. However, we really love our job, and this was a testament to we'd rather be shooting than sleeping in or anything else. We really have the best job in the world, not to brag.

We met these two love birds at the crack of dawn at their hotel, the Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen. We quickly headed to the beach to capture the small window of gorgeous sunrise light. After that, we headed into town for a city shoot and ended right before the sun really started to heat up. All in all, a great shoot and a wonderful birthday for Colin. We also had the rest of the day to celebrate after that!