Weddings at El Pueblito Mayakoba: Charming, Colonial and Mexican in Playa del Carmen

Looking for a Catholic wedding chapel in Playa del Carmen, or how about a charming, colonial Mexican wedding in a traditional looking town square? Read Below!

I'm going to be honest with you. There is one thing that has been taken away from Playa del Carmen in recent years, and that is charm. Cute, tropical buildings with a unique and eccentric Mexican flair have been replaced with square, white condo buildings nearly everywhere you look. It's getting pretty hard to find unique photo spots around town too. The colors and ambience have been stripped.

Unfortunately, a lot of the new resorts have followed suit. As a former interior designer myself, I know they want to follow "modern" trends but they also want to get these new resorts built fast with as little cost as possible, and in the meantime take out all character and charm from the ambience. Because when you come to Mexico, you want to see white, square cement buildings right? <sarcasm>

With a sigh of relief, in comes El Pueblito Mayakoba. I had already held the Mayakoba resorts in very high regard, but when I saw their newest addition I couldn't be happier! El Pueblito is a "town square" built on the Mayakoba property that resembles a traditional, colonial Mexican town. The square features a gorgeous Colonial Catholic church with nods to the Mayan landscape it's sits on. There is also an art gallery, a beautiful store with Mexican made handicrafts, and a few restaurants and cafes. There's even a monthly Farmer's Market there, free to the public! It's awesome and my new place for buying gourmet salsas.

The square is perfect for weddings or wedding receptions. It's grand, it's beautiful and oh the things you could do with it! There's even a bridal dressing room in the square, nature trails and boat canals nearby, and a PGA golf course next door.. and the list goes on. My mind goes racing thinking of all the awesome events that could take place there. Ok, ok -I'll stop and let you see for yourself below: