Wedding Elopement Secrets Maroma Beach Mexico

Ashley and Connor are a sweet, young couple from our hometown of Tulsa, OK that decided to tie the knot in a sweet destination wedding elopement at beautiful Secrets Maroma Beach Resort near Playa del Carmen, Mexico. 

Rather than fly loved ones across the small pond (Gulf of Mexico) for their wedding, they decided on having a sweet, simple elopement where they could have a relaxed and romantic day together. They did have a big reception waiting to come home to, so they got the best of both worlds! 

We were a little worried as the ceremony time was scheduled around noon (photographing a wedding at noon on the beach might be a lot photographer's worst fears). But I told Ashley we'd do our best, find the shade of palm trees and make it work! And it did, whew! Conquered. 

The sun was bright and the water was electric blue. It was the most picturesque day you can imagine in Mexico. We had a wonderful time with Ashley and Connor and I think the love they have for each other radiates in person and in photos. I'm so happy we had the chance to meet, and so happy for the word of mouth referrals from our fellow Tulsans that led us to each other. Congrats again Ashley and Connor!