Bohemian Wedding at Suenos Tulum

We had the pleasure of meeting Lindsey and Chris almost a year before their wedding at Suenos Tulum over chips and guac to get to know each other a little more before their big day. They planned on a non-traditional wedding with a little bohemian inspiration and a dash of Frida Kahlo. 

They were so nice to invite us to their rehearsal dinner (to hang out!) and we had the chance to meet their guests too, which always makes people more comfortable in front of the camera later on. Thumbs up to that, and thanks for the margarita(s)!

When their big day came, it was the hottest day of the year and the sea was electric blue! I'm not too sensitive to heat, but this one had me a little woozy to be honest (110 plus degrees and 95% humidity), but we all carried on! Lindsey and Chris decided on a "First Look", followed by a fun photo session on the streets of Tulum before their ceremony (they even fit in beer stop, and a game of foosball!) 

When we got back to Suenos, the sky darkened and we knew a storm was inevitable. We hurried through family and bridal party photos to start the ceremony 15 minutes early. But as soon as sweet Lindsey started walking down the aisle, thunder cracked and the skies opened with enough water to flood the sea. Oh did it rain. With gail force winds, thunder and lightening we all held our ground. You know you have good friends when not a single person moves and the ceremony goes on (photos of guests bearing it below). Luckily we had our rain bags on our cameras, but even with that- it was near impossible to keep the rain off our lenses. We had soaked all our lens cloths and every piece of dry fabric on our bodies.

The rain persisted through the night, but that didn't damper their fun! We even got a cool rain shot. So brides and grooms, if you're reading this - just know if it rains the show can go on!

Big shout out to Lindsey and Chris for smiling through the heat and the rain and taking it with a grain of salt. You guys did it, and it was an awesome day! Thanks for letting us be there!