Jungle Boho Destination Wedding

A lot of people have a dream of hosting their destination wedding on turquoise shores (understandably), but the lovely Carly and Trip had something different in mind... the lush, green, jungle grounds of the beautiful Mahekal resort in Mexico. Seeing their unique wedding may just make you change your mind! There's a lot of jungle just waiting for a beautiful bride and groom from Mexico to Costa Rica, Peru and more (Feel free to email me for more ideas. Wink, wink.)

Their wedding was bohemian inspired with elegant Mexican touches and jewel-toned florals and mix-matched bridesmaids dresses. With the rustic, jungle vibe of Mahekal, it was a match made in heaven. My favorite part other than the fabulous time? It was an unplugged ceremony! Which meant no cell phones sticking in the aisle and air during the first kiss and no great aunts obstructing the view with their mega iPads... all the heart eyes right here <3 (No offense dear, sweet great aunts). 

Their day was nothing but fun from beginning to end! By the end of the night, everyone was dancing no matter the age, all the waiters and bartenders and even Colin and myself! I even grabbed the cleaning lady and got her in on the fun! The night ended with a big sparkler send-off and a lot of great memory-making moments. I was so thrilled to be a part of such a fabulous celebration! Thank you Carly and Trip for letting us be a part of your awesome event! Enough about it... let's see it: