Pineapple Destination Wedding Inspo at Secrets Akumal

We had the pleasure of meeting the charming Laura and Adam for their engagement photos in Playa del Carmen, a year before their wedding (come to think of it, I never blogged that, #why). On their first trip out they were considering a hotel that isn't so great for weddings, so I suggested they check the beautiful Secrets Akumal and they were smitten! (We don't pay to play, and we don't get perks or benefits from anyone, so if you want an honest opinion on where to book, ask us! Some places are great for weddings like Secrets Akumal, others... not so much). 

Anyway, time zipped by and Laura and Adam's wedding day finally came! Laura's cute, tropical style had me wanting to plan my own wedding all over again. She had an adorable two-piece, beachy wedding dress, colorful flower crowns, a pink king protea bouquet, and pineapples galore. We had so, so much fun and Laura cracked me up all day with her word "pruuuunnes". 'It's supposed to relax the face', she said. I'll never think of prunes the same again. Can we go back and do this day again and again?