Same Sex Wedding Engagement Photography Tulum

It's not everyday you meet such a warm, loving couple like Lea and Adeen. We picked them at the oh-so-cool Habitas Tulum, a luxurious new eco-chic glamping hotel. They were scouting for their wedding next year, which will be our second same-sex wedding in the area- can't wait! There's just so much more emotion in a same sex wedding, because everyone has an extra feeling of "don't take this for granted-ness" about them. It's extra special to those who dreamed and fought for it for so long and it's such an honor to be invited to capture it.

We headed out to the town from Habitas and stopped at some of our favorite Tulum spots, including our favorite homemade ice cream place, before returning to the beach at sunset. I photographed all the red flowers I found, because they were so perfect with Adeen's dress. Great day with these two, can't wait to see them again!