Secrets Maroma Destination Wedding is #goals

Secrets Maroma is one of my favorite places for a destination wedding, I always recommend it (and Secrets Akumal) to my clients if they haven't booked their resort yet. They only do one wedding a day and Secrets Maroma has a more secluded ceremony spot than most resorts. The food is great and so is the customer service... not getting paid to say this, promise! It's high on my list. So I was super excited when Samantha called me and asked if we were available on her big day there. Umm YES!

The day couldn't get any better as destination weddings go. The sky rumbled a bit, but it never rained a drop- the sky had light clouds which made everything glow. I was lucky enough to photograph two first looks, one with her mom seeing her dress for the first time - and one with her boo of course. Doug's dad officiated the ceremony, so it was extra special. Samantha and Doug are all around great people, humanitarians and we were so lucky to get to be involved in their destination wedding on the Caribbean sea. The day was downright joyful, - just as the perfect wedding should be.

I'm going to tell you a photographer's secret. Sometimes, when I see a wedding has 50 or less guests and we are photographing 3 hours of dancing- I get nervous. My hamster wheel mind thinks, ' oh no, what if nobody dances and looks at their phones the whole time?' 'what would I photograph for 3 hours?' 'what if everyone is tired and leaves?' (It's all happened!) But with this group, although small; they absolutely rocked the night away! We even stayed longer because we were having so much fun with them. Whew! 

Thanks so much Samantha and Doug for the awesome day and night! Let's do it again ;) Is it time for a vow renewal yet?